Cummiskey Family History

By Debbie Schaberg

These are the facts that we do know for sure. Patrick, Terrance and Mary Cummiskey were born to Patrick Cummiskey and Margaret McAdams and the family lived in Ballybey, County Monaghon Ireland. Patrick was born in 1799, Terrance in 1815 but we do not know for sure when Mary was born. We do know that all three were in America by the 1830’s. We currently are researching the possibility of two other siblings, James and Susan. Having made a trip to Ireland a few years ago, this I have learned is that there are practically no records for Irish Catholics. The grave yards aren’t even marked with headstones, for the most part. Before or during the famine, most of the Catholic church parrish records were destroyed by order of the British landlords. One of the Irish historians I met in Ballybey, told me that it was their way of covering up the numbers of starving people by eliminating records of them. Most of the records for the Poor Farms also have been destroyed. The grave yards for the Catholics were of the worse part of the land, full of rocks and such. The church that would have most definitely been that of Patrick and Margaret’s had long ago burned down. Up until my trip in June of 2000, the only family history we had was written by Brother Charles Cummiskey. Brother Charles is a descendant of Terrance Cummiskey and is a retired Chemistry professor in San Antonio,Texas. We did not know who their parents were, and as far as we knew, there were only the three siblings. A cousin of mine, Mark Hartmann, who is an archeology professor in Arkansas, came across a book titile,"Famous St Louisians" shortly after I returned home from Ireland. In that book is an article on Terrance Cummiskey and that is where we learned the names of their parents and where they were from. It was previously thought that they had come from Clones, Ireland, a town a few miles North of Ballybey.

I am a descendant of Patrick Cummiskey.

We know that Patrick Cummiskey and his wife Ann Murray married in Ireland. Mary married Patrick Lynch in Missouri. Patrick Lynch was born in Donore, Multyfarnham, Westmeath, Ireland. He came to America when he was about 16 (Brother Charles has it documented that the year was 1823) and worked in New Orleans in a tannery and then went to St Louis where he lived in Kirkwood. He bought land in Catawissa, Missouri, in 1843, and built a log cabin on his farm and named it Donore, after his home in Ireland.. Several years ago, several of my family members attended a function at the Old St Patrick’s church and met someone who directed them to Donore. The current owners were gracious enough to allow them to go inside. The original log cabin remains the heart of the house, as additions were built around it. Mary and Patrick had the following children:

    1. Matthew Lynch (3/3/1837-12/6/1874) buried at old Rock Church; married (2/3/1864) to Ann Galvin (1843-1936), the daughter of Patrick and Ann Fox Galvin. She was born in Ireland, buried in the Rock Church, Catawissa Mo.
      1. Catherine Philomena Clare (8/11/1867-12/25/1949)
      2. m. James Sheerin (1859-1906)

        1) John J. Sheerin 8/16/93-6/7/1953) m. Irene Hemker



        a) John Joseph (Jack) (6/10/24-2/16/52)

        b) Lawrence James (4/2/29)

        c) Robert Malcom (1/17/36)

        2) Charles Sheerin (4/6/1895) died in Dallas Tx, never married.

        3) Edward Sheerin (1896-1929) never married.

        4) James J. Sheerin (3/8/1903) m. Evelyn Barnett, no children.

        5) Dan Sheerin: died when 2 weeks old.

        c) Margaret Ann Lynch (12/13/1869) died at age 5.

        d) James Francis Lynch (5/3/1872) died at age two.

        e) John Galvin Lynch (6/21/1874- 8/14/1956) m. Beatha E. McNaughton (12/15/1876-1/31/1856) born and lived all his life at Donore Farm, Catawissa Mo.

        1) John Francis Lynch (1/22/1912- ) m. Josephine Short (6/1/39 - )

        a) Alice A. Lynch (2/14/41- ) m. William Wyatt, Jr. on 7/4/62)

        1) John William Wyatt (11/18/65- )

        2) Richey Wyatt (2/2/69- )

        b) Mary Kathryn Lynch (10/12/42- )

        2) James McNaughton Lynch (7/2/13- ) m. Rose Schmeltz on 8/23/41.

        a) Judy Lynch (2/17/44- ) m. James A. Allmon

        b) James Michael Lynch (2/5/46- )

        3) Matthew Lynch (7/21/20) m. Irene Pharris on 6/12/48)

        a) Kerry Lynch 5/8/49

        b) Eileen 6/4/50

        c) Diane 7/28/51

        d) Colleen 6/24/53

        2) Mary Ann Lynch, born 1841, died Feb. 1860 at age 19 in a convent.

        3) A small child died in Kirkwood.

        4) Susan Lynch (1841-12/14/1917) m. Henry Golden, a confederate soldier.

        a) Mary Golden 5/26/1869-7/18-1954) m. Jerry O’Shea, lived in Eureka, Mo., no children.

        b) James Golden 5/10/1874-1/25/1955)

        1) James F. Golden m. Virginia Marie Sugrue

        a) Virginia Ann Golden

        b) James

        c) Marian

        d) Loretto

        2) Mary Golden m. Curtis Grubbs, resides in Tyler Tx.

        c) Michael Golden (1872-8/1.1913) drowned.

        d) Matthew Golden (1/1/1876-7/4/1922)

        5) Margaret Lynch m. (4/14/1863) Owen Dailey, son of Peter and Alice Hamill Dailey. Lived in Jefferson County, Mo first, then the family moved to Shasta County, Calif. Via Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America.

        a) Alice Dailey (1865-1952) a school principal in Calif.

        b) Mary Dailey (1867-193?) m. Lou Sheridan

        1) Margaret Sheridan (1905- ) m. Dwight Burnham liveds in Redding, Calif.

      3. James P. Dailey (4/16/1870- 1960 ) m. Johanna O’Connell.
      1. Mary (9/6/1905- ) m. Joseph Babka
      2. Margaret (11/16/1912) m. Leo Politte in 1934
        1. John
        2. James
        3. Leo
        4. Thomas

3) Marcella (2/3/1918- ( m. Shapleigh Driscoll

4) Edward Dailey (8/14/1915-5/18/64)

5) Dan (4/13/1908)

6) James (2/4/1910- )

James P. Dailey came back to Mo in 1902 when he married and lived in Eureka. He was one of the builders of the 1904 World’s Fair exhibits. In 1906 he moved to Eureka where he owned and operated a hardware store for 43 years.

d)Peter (1872-1954( was a school teacher in San Franscisco.

e) Owen died at age 20.

f) John, an attorney in San Francisco, m. Rose Armstrong. Had three children together.

Jane, Jack and Norma.

g) Frank, a Chevrolet dealer in Oakland, Calif. m. Ruby Hodge and had one son, Gerald. Second Marriage to Alma Diehl, produced 2 children: Eileen m. Chauncey Pond, and Karl.

h) Edward

i) Katherine

j) Margaret m. J.C. Williams

Harold, Helen, Barbara Grace.